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Stack Duration 45 95 Increases Decay strength steal.

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The strength of the living is simply borrowed from the strength of the dead. Notes Decay stacks, but cannot reduce an enemy hero's strength below 1. Enemy strength loss takes effect before the damage is dealt. Each stack of strength stolen makes Undying slightly bigger visually. Multiple Meepo clones do not all have their strength stolen, only 1 random Meepo is selected. Soul Rip. Targeting Unit Target. Affects Units.

Zombie Lust and The New Flesh

Redirects the flow of energy through a target friendly or enemy unit, healing or damaging it depending on how many units are near Undying. Each counted unit takes damage. Even his allied Heroes feel despair in Undying's presence. Can heal allied Tombstone, cannot damage enemy Tombstones.

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Does not count or take HP from invisible units. Summons a tombstone at the target point. Zombies will frequently spawn next to every enemy unit in the area around the Tombstone, and attack them. Zombies have the Deathlust ability, which causes their attacks to slow the target, and increases the attack and movement speed of the zombie. Deathlust triggers when the target reaches below a certain amount or percentage of health, whichever comes first. Ability Spawns Tombstone On Death Dirge calls on his fallen brothers to fight for the Dead God. Zombies do not spawn for buildings , invisible units, spell immune units, and units hidden by the fog of war.

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Destroys trees in its area. Zombies are uncontrollable and will only chase and attack the target they spawned on. They can follow targets into the fog of war. Zombies die instantly if the Tombstone is destroyed or their target is killed. They will die after 0. If a Zombie's target was an illusion or a Meepo clone and the target dies, the Zombie will remain but stop moving and attacking. It takes 1 hero or tower attack to kill a Zombie 2 for creeps and illusions. Flesh Golem.

Targeting No Target. Undying transforms into a horrifying flesh golem, possessing greater health and a Plague Aura. This aura slows all enemy units within range and damages them based on their current hp. The flesh of the recently dead add to the power of Dirge's plague.

Targeting Passive. Affects Self. Comes back to life with full health and mana after a few seconds. Reincarnation Time 5 Slows enemy units on attack. If the attacked unit's health goes below the threshold, the zombie receives enhanced movement and attack speed. Notes The slow from multiple Zombies will stack. Spell Immunity. This creature does not feel the effects of most spells. Zombie [ h ]. Uncontrollable by players. Has the Deathlust and Spell Immunity abilities. Takes 2 damage from hero attacks and 1 from all other units including illusions.

Tombstone [ h ].


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Takes 1 damage from hero attacks and 0. Starting Items Early Game. Mid Game Late Game. Shambling into battle, Undying forces enemies to decide whether to flee his wrath or be torn apart by it. He drains strength from his foes, and summons a horde of clawing undead. When he finally becomes a hulking flesh golem, his enemies may already be overwhelmed.

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Will we die in this lust of blood? Sun is covered by black moon So run away, 'cause there's no place to hide "Where there is no room in burning hell Evil arise and walk the earth" - It's attack of the living dead!


When you find out, heart don't need to beat, There is no pain, you stop to feel - You're lost, you're creature, one of them - You are dead! Rotten corpses, wrinkled faces Still reminds me that I'm not safe Moans of zombies are so close Oh, what to do? Now I'm scared to death! It's too queitly around me I feel that one of them has come! I'm not sure if it's zombie - I can't see him in the dark of the night!

When you find out, heart don't need to beat, There is no pain, you stop to feel - Now I'm dead! I'm howling, screaming - but nobody hear me! Where am I, and why I feel the zombie lust? What is happening with my mind?

I don't feel any cold or fear Everywhere I see the blood I'm lost 'cause I need no air to breathe!