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Living our lives worthy of the calling we have received. What does it mean to us to believe in the Name of the Lord? To give yourself fully and completely trusting in the Nature and Character of Christ. What is your next step in your walk with Christ? Are you a good listener to the Lord? Do you long for His Presence?

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Is there a fire of passion burning in you for Him? Denomination: Baptist. The Holy Spirit used the writer of Proverbs to reveal the foundational demands of Fatherhood.

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  • But what are some of those demands? A foundational demand of fatherhood is to So What?

    Voice Of Truth

    We also spend more on mom. Scripture: Proverbs The consequences of boldness and taking a stand for the truth. Scripture: Mark Introduction: Last Sunday we talked about the fact that the reason God chose David to be the next King of Israel was not his outward appearance or his physical abilities. Instead God chose David because he was a humble man, who was passionate about his relationship with God, and trusted Him with Fatih is not just trusting your head and heart but trusting God by taking Him at His word.

    The priest told his flock: "There isn't anything that will save us, except a special prayer for rain. Go to your homes, fast during the week, believe and come on Sunday to pray for rain. Scripture: Judges Introduction: When I was a young in my faith I had many questions about the Christian way of Scripture: 1 Corinthians This message is 1 in the road to recovery. Scripture: Psalms Fasting in Satyagraha. Satyagrahi Leader.

    Satyagraha in the face of Riots and Aggression. On Sarvodaya. On Socialism. On Communism. On Marx. Nationalism and Internationalism.

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    Different Races are different branches of one tree. Atom Bomb. World Federation. World of Tomorrow. The Essential Unity of all Religions. Civilization and Culture. On Art.

    The Voice of Truth

    On Literature and Journalism. On Science. Economics and Ethics.

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    Supremacy of Man : Full Employment. Plain Living and High Thinking. Dignity of Labour : Bread Labour. Economic Equality. Decentralised Economy.

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