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Telling the story, acknowledging what has happened and how you feel, is often a necessary part of forgiveness.

FORGIVENESS Sleep Meditation ~ Allowing yourself to LET GO

Without that, we live in an artificial reality that is frozen in time, and sometimes woven from fabrication. It also took precedence over his ability to forgive his parents, and the chance for love alongside the pain of his broken dreams.

Love and Forgiveness Meditation

But if we loosen our grip, often what fills the space is a tender forgiveness and the potential for a new and different kind of love. Instead, we should talk about forgivenesses.

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There are as many ways to forgive as there are people needing to be forgiven. Expecting it to be a singular action—motivated by the sheer imperative to move on and forget—can be more damaging than the original feelings of anger. Meditating on forgiveness is not terribly different from a loving-kindness practice, as both invite us to be with our emotional states without judging them and to use the meditation as the anchor of our attention.

Metta Meditation: Cultivating Love & Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not passive, but an active gesture of releasing feelings like anger, guilt, and resentment, all of which deplete us if we become lost in them. Begin by silently or audibly reciting phrases of forgiveness for those you have harmed. You may find that offering forgiveness to one person may catalyze memories of another tough situation or person. We know it's tricky, but with The Power of Forgiveness exercise you will be surprised at just how life changing these teachings can be.


Often forgiving those closest to us is the hardest thing to do, yet vital in order to have beautiful, fulfilling relationships in our lives. Check out this video to hear Emily's take on how to best move through the discomfort so you can flourish in every area of your life. So many of us are aware that being yolked to the news is not good for us, but new studies are exploring just how damaging these habits can be.

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  7. In this video Emily walks you through a forgiveness exercise that allows you to let go and focus your energy where it's best put to use. When we move through the world living love and happiness, it affects everything. As more of us start doing this, we push the envelope of love, creativity, wholeness and freedom in the world forward.

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    We can move into higher levels of functioning. We must. Perhaps this meditation will help you do this. Add it to your life, and let me know. God bless us all.