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The tribal mentality is low.

Here are three reasons:. Preference Truth matters, but we must focus on the areas of greatest importance. Ethnic background, socio-economic class and temperament are all reasons a person might prefer a certain liturgy or denomination. Only together can we really reach a whole city. The outer ring is what we call specialized ministries.

But an order ministers to a certain kind of people in all places.

How Individualism Corrupts the Church’s Mission

Those are specialized ministries. You may have a youth group in your church. But Young Life is an order that specializes in reaching kids all over the world. Your church could never have as much experience in reaching youth as Young Life will have over the years. On the other hand, Young Life is not a church. You need ministries for prayer, evangelism, justice and mercy, faith and work and family life.

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And you need training ministries where great numbers of urban leaders and church leaders are trained. These institutions must have a symbiotic relationship with each other and with church congregations. They need to love each other and work together, and together the whole body of Christ grows in quality and quantity in the entire city. When all three elements are present — contextualized gospel theology, cross-denominational church planting and specialized ministries — we see gospel movement.

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Related Media. Return to text. Eusebius, Historia Ecclesiastica , iii.

Selfies, Upward Mobility, Conversion, and the Gospel of Western Individualism

Helpful Resources. Creation Answers Book. Soft cover. Refuting Evolution. I'm going I'll stay. The Bible declares: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis S, we are now encountering a post-Christian cultural climate. No longer can we assume a basic level of evangelical capital upon which the Spirit of God may act.

An Aircraft Carrier to the Nations: Becoming a Runway for Sent Ones

Instead, we are engaging un-churched and resistant peoples who have forgotten, redefined, or never known the Gospel. As a result, the conditions of conversion have changed, as should our methods for sharing, telling, speaking, teaching, and preaching the Gospel.

Losing My Religion: Seeking A Gospel of Inclusion

Our idioms, illustrations and language must change if we are going to reach the unreached, the unchurched, and the resistant peoples of America. Like the former missionaries, we must reconfigure our understanding and expectation of how people undergo gospel change and how disciples are made. Our goal should not be to replicate our personal conversion experience, but to preach the gospel effectively so that we can make disciples in the emerging post-Christian context. How should changed expectations regarding the conversion experience change our approach to preaching, evangelism and discipleship?

Two starting points

Should we do away with preaching that calls for on the spot conversion? There are no strict formulas to follow. In light of this, let me offer a few suggestions on how our ministry practice should shift when the cultural soil is less conditioned by Christendom. Tell the truth by dismantling lies.

Editorial Reviews

We must redefine popular assumptions about Christian beliefs in a way that makes sense to our hearers. Our neighbors and acquaintances will assume we hold beliefs that we may not hold homophobic, anti-environmental, anti-immigration, etc. We have to ask questions to surface these assumptions. We have to move beyond first level conversation by asking second and third level questions that move us deeper into their story and heart values. I was visiting a new coffee shop and struck up a conversation with the barista.

If I just told him I was a pastor and that he should check out our church, his assumption that I was anti-gay would continue. If I avoided the question, I would miss an opportunity to go deep right off the bat.

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Praying, I knew the Holy Spirit had appointed this moment. I chose to tell the truth by dismantling a lie.