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Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Bird or bunny? Internet optical illusion sends viewers down a rabbit hole Hop to it, and figure out if this confounding viral video is a rabbit or a raven. Gael Fashingbauer Cooper. More optical illusions Give yourself a hand if you can make sense of this optical illusion Wolf optical illusion shows internet a howling good time Gaze at 'ghost ship,' the latest optical illusion haunting the Internet.

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Shelters are overflowing with homeless bunnies of all shapes and sizes. See our article, Benefits of Adopting a Rabbit , for more information. You can get ready for your new pet by reading, Preparing for Your First House Rabbit , which includes a list of initial bunny supplies. When she's not writing about pet rabbits or weird animals online, she writes and illustrates funny books for kids [about rabbits and weird animals].

Learn more at her website, www. Finances: Owning a pet rabbit comes with added financial responsibility. Bunny Housing: Rabbits are social animals. Rabbits need social interaction, plenty of exercise, and a lot of enrichment activities.

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Take a look at our Housing article to learn more. Even if you keep the bunny in a cage, condo, or puppy pen, you still will need to safeguard your home when you let the rabbit out for supervised exercise. Rabbits are very curious and persistent creatures. But I do want my characters to be sympathetic. Kirshenbaum : This is from an early draft my editor made notes on, to which I responded.

They make you go through this a few times, so you go back and forth a lot. Writers often feel that the editing process is too intimate to allow other people to have a look.

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I want my book to be as good as I can, and I want a good editor to help me do that. Wang : Interestingly, the only other person who shared something similar for Miscellaneous Files, Jabari Asim , is also a full-time educator. Kirshenbaum : What I like about a writing program is that you learn how to fail and how to fix it, or how to acknowledge that something has failed. Not everything we start is going to be a book.

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Kirshenbaum : I do, and I try to talk to them about my own failures. I probably learned a lot more about myself, life, and God from being depressed than from anything else.

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Kirshenbaum : It defines so much of your worldview and how you relate to people. People often think you did this to yourself, or that you can stop it. When I was twelve or thirteen, I experienced my first bouts of depression. I want to take these things out of the closet. But I had cancer a few years ago, which was an illness, too. Should I also not talk about that? If anything, her mind is incredibly sharp and quick-witted. Kirshenbaum : Anger and depression are very closely related.

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When depression would start to come on, I would feel it physically. Some say that depression is anger turned in on yourself. But I did want her to be a very observant and honest person, who might say what others might not. I said no, because Bunny would think of them as an annoyance. Wang : I wonder what your take is on the age-old relationship between writing and mental health. On the other hand, a lot of the traumas that Bunny is trying to deal with are only addressed through the writing prompts she does, like her issues with her family and the death of Stella, her best friend.

When the book comes to a conclusion, Bunny starts writing again, which hints at a potential recovery.

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  • People can use journals to work out what they feel, for example. Bunny takes a creative writing class in the psych ward, which of course, she hates, because writing is her profession. At the same time, she has nothing else to do there, and writing is all she knows. The writing gives her a sense of purpose again and lets her reclaim what she thought she had failed at terribly. I thought that if I was no longer depressed, I would lose the darkness.

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    It was actually when I was feeling okay that the writing acquired a greater darkness, because I felt safe going there.