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The stories told in this collection are indeed intense and difficult and yet hopeful. They show the resilience of Afghan women, or perhaps women anywhere, when faced with terribly difficult George W. Bush Institute. Told in their own voices, the moving, courageous, and personal stories in We Are Afghan Women vividly describe a country that is one of the most dangerous places to be a young girl or pregnant woman; a country undone by decades of war and now struggling to build a lasting peace; a country where women have defied the odds.

Women like Dr. Sakena Yacobi, who ran underground schools for girls until the Taliban fell, after which she established schools across Afghanistan to teach women to read and to educate and prepare girls to become teachers, doctors, lawyers, business owners, and politicians, and Masooma Jafari, who started a national midwives association, after her own mother was forced into marriage when she was twelve years old and gave birth to her first child at thirteen.

Org and remind us of the dangers of tactics that target women in order to limit their roles in society and in government.

Around 20,000 bees take a pit stop in a plane ENGINE causing flight delays at South African airport

The realities of life in this part of the world, one of the most dangerous places to be a child or pregnant woman, are tough, but this unique book celebrates the lives of women who have defied the odds. Their eloquent words challenge all of us to answer: What does it truly mean to be a woman in the twenty-first century? Lives in Ghazni. Belquis Gavagan.

Kobra Dastgirzada. Born in Bamiyan Born in Chack Wardack Nest: Bumble bees build their nests out of pollen clumps, usually in the ground or a dense grass clump, and often in an abandoned mouse nest.

Tell us about Bees in Space.

Threat: Bumble bees are considered a beneficial insect because they pollinate flowers. However, they can sting. If a nest is located in or near a structure, then control is necessary.

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They resemble bumble bees, but the top of their abdomen is largely bare and shiny. Nest: Carpenter bees do not live in nests or colonies. They bore into wood, where they make galleries for rearing their young.

Carpenter bees tend to prefer decaying or weathered wood to new or painted wood. Threat: Carpenter bees are a serious property threat, and can cause structural damage over time if they are not eliminated. Male carpenter bees can be territorial and may hover in front of one's face aggressively, but they have no stinger and these actions are merely for show.

Female carpenter bees do have a potent sting, which is rarely used.

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Nest: Honeybees are social insects and live as colonies in hives, with mature colonies of 20, - 80, individuals. Threat: Honeybees are not aggressive and do not search for something to attack.

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Instead, they are defensive and will attack only whatever seems to threaten the colony. Nest: Bald-faced hornets build aerial nests out of paper carton. The nests are usually in exposed locations, often on trees, utility poles, overhangs or other structures.

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The nests can be quite large, growing to 14 inches in diameter and 24 inches in length. Threat: Bald-faced hornets are considered beneficial insects because they control many pest insect species. However, if their nest is located near a structure, control is warranted. They are brown with yellow abdominal stripes and a pale face.

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Nest: European hornets build paper carton nests that are usually covered in a brown paper envelope as protection. Typically, the nests can be found in hollow trees, barns, out buildings, hollow walls of houses and attics. Threat: European hornets are considered beneficial insects because they control many pest species.

Nest: Mud daubers are solitary wasps and do not live in colonies. Females construct nests of mud. Many short mud tubes, usually about 1 inch long, are constructed side by side. They frequently build nests under eaves, porch ceilings, in garages and sheds, barns, protected building walls and attics. Threat: Mud daubers are considered beneficial insects because they control spiders. However, if their nest is located near human activity, control is warranted.

The global and European situation with bees and other pollinators

Female velvet ants are very hairy and black in color, sometimes with areas of bright red, orange, yellow or white. Males are less hairy and duller in color, but have wings, unlike females.