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Diabetes Epidemic and You Joseph R. Healing the Thyroid with Ayurveda Marianne Teitelbaum.

Endocrine Physiology, 5e

Fat for Fuel Joseph Mercola. Handbook of Dialysis John T. Care of People with Diabetes Trisha Dunning. Recovering with T3 Paul Robinson.

Parathyroid Disorders E. Estrogen Matters Avrum Bluming. Table of contents 1: Sergio R. Ojeda, James E.

Griffin: Organization of the Endocrine System. Waterman: Genes and Hormones.

Mendelson: Mechanisms of Hormone Action. Griffin: Assessment of Endocrine Function. McCann, Sergio R.

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Ojeda: The Anterior Pituitary and Hypothalamus. George: Sexual Differentiation. Ojeda: Female Reproductive Function. Griffin: Male Reproductive Function. Carr: Fertilization, Implantation, and Endocrinology of Pregnancy. Rosenfeld: Growth Regulation. Griffin: The Thyroid. Kaplan: The Adrenal Glands show more. Review quote Praise for previous editions: "This new and cohesive offering for beginning medical students has a number of important attributes--brevity, accuracy, readability, minimal use of jargon, an absence of excessive enthusiasm for eponyms I give it the highest marks over competing textbooks because of its systematic, concise, and accurate treatment of all major concepts.

The standard of writing is generally very good and I found it easy to read.

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I would have no hesitation in recommending this book, not only to students, but also to postgraduates--clinical and non-clinical--who want an accessible and up-to-date whistle-stop tour of endocrinology. The expertise of the contributors in their field is evident throughout. I give it thehighest marks over competing textbooks because of its systematic, concise, and accurate treatment of all major concepts.

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Kovacs and Sergio R. William J. Happy you, happy us. You get hour turnaround. Cue the smiley faces. This title is currently not available in digital format. The sixth edition of this highly popular text retains its comprehensive coverage of endocrine basics from previous editions while featuring entirely new chapters on several topics, including the assessment of endocrine function, sexual differentiation, growth regulation, the thyroid, the adrenals, and calcium homeostasis.

Chapters have been updated and reorganized to make information easily accessible in concise form, and new figures and tables have been added to enhance the presentation of complex concepts.

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Fundamental principles of endocrine physiology are reinforced with illustrative examples from clinical observation and the limitations of current knowledge are properly identified. The ideal resource for students entering the field, the Textbook of Endocrine Physiology aims to provide for all a solid basis in fundamentals of endocrinology and for some, inspiration for the pursuit of advanced medical or graduate studies in the field.

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