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However, there are times when you want to communicate with Alexa, but it isn't a suitable time for voice commands. Situations such as when there is a noisy children's birthday party going on, or when you don't want to risk any background conversations being recorded. Sure, you can use the smartphone app for interaction, but it's mostly just like using any other app.

What if you wanted to still interact with Alexa in the same style that you do when using voice commands? This is where Silent Echo comes in. The audio reply Alexa returns is then converted back into text using speech-to-text". Due to this method, some types of commands that won't work over Slack.

During our Echo Dot review , we commented on the data security risks associated with having a device listening for a trigger word, then recording everything it can hear in the room, before sending it all off to Amazon's servers for processing. Silent Echo also has data security risks that the user must consider. To provide this functionality, Silent Echo needs to be linked to your Alexa account, providing it with access to your information.

Your interactions with the bot are recorded and stored on Bespoken's servers, too.

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If you're happy with engaging with these more advanced voice assistants, Silent Echo provides a natural way to interact with Alexa via text. Are you a techie who knows how to write? Then join our Team! Especially English native speakers welcome! Verto Analytics. It is an absolutely flimsy premise for making Portia into the extra-special Siren that she is. Her character : Most of the characters in this book did not appeal to me, they never felt real to me, but Portia's is all the more crucial because she is supposed to be the main character.

I felt like she had no personality, she is boring, she is dull. Her character supposedly changes as she turns more seductive, more evil. The change felt unreal, her character development is nonexistent. Acting like a bitch, feeling sultry and seductive does not a Siren make. She was never a likeable character, Portia is initially silly and fluffy, and her sudden, capricious descent into a darker side felt forced and unnatural, it is not even a believable case of Jekyll and Hyde.

She becomes an even more dislikeable character as the book progresses, and to me, Portia never redeems herself, even if she refers to herself as a "freestylin' Sarah Brightman. She is manipulative I didn't like the other characters in the book at all, but I ended up sympathizing with them throughout the book because of all the crap that Portia puts them through. She uses people, she treats them like dirt. She manipulates a girl who has been physically and mentally abused since childhood by her stepfather.

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She ditches her best friend since childhood to hang out with a boy she's known for a couple of days, so on and so forth. Her transformation : Portia's training is completely unexplained, she is supposedly taught to use her powers by a teacher, but we don't see any of that.

We are just asked to believe that she can do all these things. The story : It was boring. It was all telling, no showing. We are supposed to believe that Portia is in danger, that she a potential danger. Well, there is little evidence of that.

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The middle of the book was a desert of boredom, nothing happens besides Portia learning about herself, exercising her powers on others, and being a jerk to everyone. There is no sense of danger, of thrills, of impending doom. There's a lot of people freaking out over nothing, as far as I can tell. The plot did not engross me at all. For me, there might as well have been no plot. The lack of mythology : I'm going to really have to censor myself here lest I go off completely on a long, expletive-filled rant on how inaccurate this was. I was wrong.

Initially, the characters used are pretty obscure, so I overlooked how inaccurate it was, but eventually I just couldn't avoid all the niggling grievances. And there are many. This book takes the mythology of the sirens and completely rewrites it. Name of mythical characters are used completely out of context, mythical creatures are slapped with the labels of "God" and "Goddess" regardless of their actual stature. A satyr? Sure, let's call him a god.

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They're actually sea nymphs, but let's call them goddesses too. Ok, let's kill off a muse for fun. While we're at it, let's give Ares a couple of sons, and then have them die, too, completely without history or explanation. Oh, Athena needs to make a sacrifice to bring up a spirit And certainly the Greek Pantheon is useless and absolutely terrified of a couple of wayward Sirens. Lightning bolt-shooting Zeus? The king of the Greek Gods? He's apparently just a king in name, a shadow puppet king, as useless as he acts within the book.

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I need to stop talking about the misuse of mythology here, for my own sanity. Romance : there is not only insta-love between Portia and Max, but there is also a love triangle. And everyone is in love with her, because Portia becomes so hot and seductive as a Siren. We have the Holy Trinity of romance tropes in this book. Portia can treat them like crap beneath her feet, and she does over and over and over; as frustrated and as angry as they are, the poor doormats duo of Felix and Max sticks by her side. Do I need to say how unrealistic the portrayal of love in this book is? It is a crush. It is a girl's starry-eyed infatuation with a musician with a cowlick of hair over his eyes. Even Max doesn't feel like a real character outside of being Portia's hunk in shining armor. Felix is little more than newly developing muscles and biceps and emerging five o'clock shadow.

Not recommended. I received a copy of this book for review through Netgalley. The quotes taken are from an uncorrected e-galley and is subject to change in the final edition. View all 39 comments. Initial reaction: Some say bad verse begets bad verse, that lyrical cheese begets lyrical cheese. No two people are going to think the same way of a piece of music or poetry, but one would think that to pen lyrics and verse in a work, there's an art to being able to let the words carry themselves and to do so in strict moderation - otherwise, you run the risk of sounding insincere, puerile, or downright silly.

I don't think a love for music could've saved Elisa Freilich's "Silent Echo" - the technique in the verse was just I think I knew by a certain point that the approach to the verse here was little more than angsty random passages that had little to no flow to them. And the emotion was overwrought and overexpanded in each piece.

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But that's not even the only problem with this work because looking at the characterizations, situations, and development - what could've been a promising work was formulaic, problematic, and a complete fail as far as a work based on mythology was concerned. I hate to say it, but I don't think I've read a book that made me loathe verse in YA fiction as much as this one. Ye Gods literally , this was bad. All I have to say is that I've watched too much Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog.

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I had way too much fun with this one. I'll add notes to this as I'm going along, and put the end notes at the end of the verse. All I ever wanted was to have a voice, But baby, I was born this way, not like I had much choice And saved my mother too, from ever present strife. Yes, my father was so horrible, from his constant abuse, Never mind you tried to kill him by song, you're a hero and a muse… Portia: I don't need to sing more than I wanted to do, These feelings I have are hard to follow through.

I have horrible dreams every night of trying to seduce, And bathing in my lover's blood, it leaves me so confused. Leucosia: Don't worry, Siren girl, I am here for you We'll keep the evil back, 'cause I'm a Siren too, Yes the Siren's call is complex, it's an ever present curse, Come to me when you need help…I am your school nurse. Portia: aside And a goddess too! Leucosia: aside No dear, sirens aren't goddesses.

That's Athena's duty.