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Having released two albums as a leader, and appearing on numerous albums as a sideman, he has established himself in the New York jazz scene, and continues touring worldwide both as a leader as well as sideman. Born in Tampere, Finland, Tuomo Uusitalo started to play piano at the age of 6. In he also started his twice a month - residency at the world famous Smalls Jazz Club, performing his original music and hosting the jam session with his trio. From then on they created a project Northbound, that recorded its debut album which was released in , featuring world famous Seamus Blake.

The album has been extremely well received among critics and fans. Shortly thereafter, he moved to New York and has since established himself as a regular force in the NYC jazz scene. He was noted as saying that he liked the spontaneity and improvisation jazz offered. Basically, the instrument lineup includes Uusitalo on piano, accompanied by saxophone, bass and drums. While the melodies are certainly on the softer side, they are no less enjoyable and listenable.

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Uusitalo is a composer, producer, and perhaps best of all, a teacher of music. If traditional jazz done in a relaxed style is preferred, "Here and There" should certainly be highly regarded. The pianist-songwriter leads the quartet along multiple musical segments, exploring the sonic range and flexibility of the individual instruments and the various entanglements they form. Track after track, the compositions illuminate a ballroom glow. Some numbers display a soft glisten like "Solitude" and others delve deeper into abstract and avant garde terrain illustrated by the rustle and scramble of Uusitalo's keys making random scrolls across "Between Things" like a prospector on the trail of a goldmine.

Exhibiting an ingenuity for composing off-the-cuff sequences, Uusitalo has a propensity for making his random meanders sound melodic while keeping in harmony with the rest of the arrangement played by saxophonist Chris Cheek, bassist Myles Sloniker, and drummer Itay Morchi. His talent for structuring patterns with the piano keys demonstrates his leaning for animated movements and vivacious shifts.

For instance, "Bouncing with Bud" is full of lively expressions, a tribute to Bud Powell. Perceptively, the ballroom feel of "Tonight You Belong To Me" has a nostalgic vibe, enhanced by the sensitive wails of Chris Cheek's saxophone, which contrast the up and down fluctuations in the instrumentation wobbling along "Many Mornings. Uusitalo plays what he hears in his head, some of which is likely influenced by compositions that he has known and liked.

The recording documents his explorations, developing one segment at time. The spontaneity taking place in the creations can be explained as being magical with jazz being the mechanism by which Uusitalo crafts infinite possibilities. Uusitalo is joined by Chris Cheek on saxophone on six of the 11 tracks.

The rest of the quartet is completed by Myles Sloniker on bass and Itay Morchi on drums. The songs are a mix of long and short. Listen to an interview about his self-publishing journey here. I just watch and read the free stuff by the way. The route you take should reflect your goal.

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What do you want to achieve with your short stories? I wanted to reach as many people as possible with my stories. I wanted people to think about certain subjects in a new light. Eventually, I would like to earn money with my short stories which I already do to a modest degree. In all fairness, if earning money is your goal, you might want to consider writing non-fictional articles as well.


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For me, the route of self-publishing made the most sense more on what I did in the next paragraph. Please consider the previous two paragraphs and determine what it is you want. Of course, you can test both waters, depending on how much time you want to put into it. Please note, the market for short stories is small, unfortunately. We have to be realistic here. People prefer novels over short stories. I hope your main goal is to introduce people to your talent.

I love writing short stories. They allow me to fine tune my craft and introduce my work and ideas to the public. About two years ago I started taking writing short stories seriously. In September I launched my own website.

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I had 0 readers at first, except for friends and family members. The first thing I did was reaching out to other blogs. Every story has a different theme and topic. I figured these topics must match what other bloggers write their non-fiction posts about. So with The Money Tree, which is basically about greed, I made a list of finance blogs that were all about helping people to stay out of debt and manage their finances.

I sent about 50 emails and got featured on two websites.

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One of them decided to include my story in their newsletter. I had 3, views that day. I kept refreshing my Google Analytics stats. I was so happy. I continued doing this for a couple of months. Sometimes no one replied, other times I got featured. I now have about 4, monthly website visitors on an organic basis, which is crazy! I put my short stories on Reddit too, but that was too intense for me. People on Reddit are quite negative - to put it mildly.

And then I turned to Medium. I started posting my short stories on Medium. At first, no one really read it. Then I thought about all the things I learned in the first months of writing short stories and navigating the writing world. I wanted to share that. So I started writing non-fiction blogs about my writing journey. My stats went up, I got more followers.

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Early on, one of them was bitching about her sister taking her favourite leather jacket without asking, and she asked me if I had any siblings and I said I was an only child. I enter and ask if they can fit me in.


Cut and colour? Just a colour, but not the blonde I have now, it never suited me anyway. I want to go back to being a brunette, I say. He hopes my tooth is alright, wants to see me again.

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She never wants to hear the phone ring in the middle of the night again. We meet a few days later near Flinders Street Station in the city centre and walk to a bar in one of the graffiti-lined laneways. We stay for another drink, and another. What about you, have you got brothers or sisters? To comment you must now be an Irish Times subscriber. Please subscribe to sign in to comment. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. For more information see our Cookie Policy. Same same but different, a short story by Anne Hayden A young woman, bereft since the death of her twin, tries to forge a new, singular identity Sat, Apr 2, , Anne Hayden.

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