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Zanima me takodje oblast fotografije ovih dana. Pitanje : kada je pocela Vasa ljubav prema fotografiji? Odgovor : To interesovanje se razvilo nesto kasnije u mom zivotu-otpocelo je pre nekih 10 ili 15 godina, ali nisam imao sa njim neke precizne projekte u vidu-tj.

Les images inédites de la finale du Mondial 2018, Equipe de France I FFF 2018

Oduvek su me fascinirale slike… neki Japanac mi je poklonio foto aparat i tako sam krenuo da slikam, ubrzo me je zaokupila ta vrsta igre, ali sam jos uvek daleko of profesionalca. Znaci, postavlja se pitanje : mogu li da racunam na proizvodnju necega sto je pocetno bilo za mene cisto zadovoljstvo? U svakom slucaju, fotografija je prestala za mene da biva marginalna aktivnost i postala je nesto vise od toga.

Doziveo sam neku vrstu metamorfoze tako da se sada koristim odredjenom teorijom da bih stvarao slike-ova dva procesa, pravljenje fotografija i pisanje o njima, nemaju nista zajednicko , ali na kraju krajeva, negde se ipak susretnu.

Bérenger de La Tour et son oeuvre poétique : essai de mise au point - Persée

Pitanje : Da li je taj proces imao neke veze sa vasim putovanjima u severnu Ameriku i sa uglavnom vizuelnom kulturom te zemlje? Odgovor : Jeste, itekako. Ali, tacno je da su moje fotografije usko povezane sa mojim putovanjima, nadasve sa mojim putovanjima u Sjedinjene Drzave : period je kraj ih i pocetak devedesetih Osecam da sam prilicno iscrpeo svo interesovanje da se krecem u tom pravcu i danas vise putujem u pravcu Latinske Amerike, a manje u Sjedinjene Drzave..

Jos uvek nesto belezim u svoj dnevnik, ali mi inspiracija ne dolazi uvek kao nekad ranije, nema onaj nekadasnji dah svezine.

French-English Dictionary (35,273 Entries)

Znaci, moje sveske-dnevnici su se promenili, ali su se istovremeno promenile i fotografije. U pocetku to su bile iskljucivo fotografije sa putovanja , ali ako pogledate moju novu izlozbu fotografija koju su upravo postavili, videcete da se njihov subjekat promenio. Nije bas u pitanju cinjenica da su sve ove nove slike intimnog karaktera, ali sve one pripadaju svetu koji je meni blizi-ima tu portreta i slicnih stvari.

Odgovor : Sve ovo je pocelo u trenutku kada sam po prvi put bio u pustinji e. Krenuo sam iz Nju Orleansa i posetio sve velike pustinje Teksasa, u tom trenutku napisao sam nekih. With Jean Baudrillard in Paris. His analyses of t Baudrillard has recently devoted his time to photography and has been successful at it as well.

We find him after the opening of his show at La Maison de la Photographie in Paris. Julia Kristeva is a world famous semiotician, feminist theorist, psychoanalyst and at the same ti She was born in Bulgaria in , but came to Paris in where she became immersed in Parisian intellectual life. Conversation with Julia Kristeva. Julia Kristeva is a semiotician, feminist theorist, psychoanalyst and at the same time an interes On NIna Zivancevic's poetry. Some of the eleven women artists whose destinies we follow in this book, or rather their respective families, were born in different republics and territories of former Yugoslavia and some of them had left their homeland much earlier before their country officially and politically collapsed.

The women artists here have all undergone specific individual changes and had suffered the consequences of the political regime of their times, but their common destiny perhaps illustrates the best the individual story of Marina Abramovic, a contemporary artist very much recognized in the world who shares, nonetheless, the respective paths of women-artists presented in this show. Wrestling with the Sky: Mayakovsky Revolutionary Influence on. Was each formal revolution which What makes a piece of writing revolutionary? Is it its immediate impact?

More precisely what happens when the "natural speech" model inherited from the Modernists,comes up against the "natural speech" of the "talk show," or how visual poetics and verse forms are responding to the languages of billboards and sound bytes. A while ago, I ran into a critical text by a French literary critic Laurand Kovacs who was analysing the fragmented texts of certain modernists and their jagged, chopped of sentence-we find that sort of sentence in Joyce, in Cendrars, and in Milosh Crnjanski for instance.

On the occasion Laurand said that IT WAS NORMAL for the modernists who have lived during the First World War and the Second World War to write this kind of sentence as well as the texts which were not logical and coherent, because, the very desire to systematize horrible experiences and put them together into coherent memories or text would have meant justifying them.

In a way, justifying such a text would imply justifying an experience which in its nature was unjustifiable, or making coherent something which escapes logic and coherence. His intelligent statement I was feeling almost intuitively at a guttural level throughout these recent Balkan wars and I was systematically refusing to accept writing assignments when editors asked me to do so. Since that very first race it has drawn millions of tourists to France every year, all of which line the course to get a glimpse of the riders. The Tour is also extensively covered world wide by television cameras, with a record 44 million viewers tuning in to watch the 20 th stage of the race.

While often noted as a minor footnote in history, Marshall Taylor was a pioneer in the cycling field. Not only was he the first African-American athlete to be designated as a world champion, but he also set several longstanding world records, some of which took decades to break. Developing a knack for doing tricks and stunts on his bike, Taylor was hired by a local bicycle shop owner to perform stunts in order to attract customers.

His first brush with competitive racing came in when he was 13, winning a race in Indianapolis. At 15 he successfully beat the 1-mile track record at the time, where he was celebrated and then ejected from the event, due to his race. Despite the odds against him at the time, Taylor went professional when he turned He competed in an arduous six-day race at Madison Square Garden, which drew other well-known cyclists of the day such as A.

With such tough competition, Taylor won the final heat of the race by feet over his closest challenger, A. He followed this victory with a first place win in the 1-mile open professional during a Blue Ribbon Meet of the Bostonian Cycle Club in Taylor was so fast that by he held seven world records at distances from. He also placed first in 29 of 49 races in which he was a competitor. He would continue this streak by winning the world championship in , where he set seven world records. His record for the mile with a standing start in was unbeatable for the next 28 years.

Stearns Company who designed bicycles for Taylor, using a gear chainless system that was designed by Harry Sager. These bicycles weighed 20 pounds and featured an inch gear that helped with sprinting and a inch gear for longer strides. Taylor would continue to dominate cycling, by breaking the 1-mile world record in with a speed of Needless to say, Taylor was still unbeatable; winning 22 first places positions in nationwide races.

Such success however, would lead to Taylor being banned from most national races, simply because he was African-American. During this time, Taylor received support from one of his competitors, Earl Kiser, who argued to have Taylor involved in the world sprint championships, which Taylor would eventually win in both and , making Taylor the first African-American to ever win a world title in athletics. Taylor then went to Europe where he competed in a tour where he was victorious in 40 of 57 races.

In the early s, nitroglycerine was the rage for cyclists competing in arduous six-day races. While primarily used to help victims of heart attacks, nitroglycerine had the extra effect of helping riders with their breathing…yet one aftereffect was that they would tend to hallucinate from of mixture of the drug and from being exhausted. Taylor gave the drug a try during one race, but had to withdraw from competition as he claimed that another racer was coming after him with a knife.

There were accounts of Taylor being pelted with ice from competitors, nails thrown in front of his tires and on one occasion he was tackled to the ground and knocked unconscious by a competitor. Clearly sickened by the racism and feeling that he was getting up in years, Taylor would retire from racing in when he was 32 years old.

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Fairly wealthy at the time when he retired to Worcester, MA, he squandered his funds on bad investments, losing a large part of it in the stock market crash of the same year that he published his autobiography, The Fastest Bicycle Racer in the World. But, Taylor was not entirely forgotten. Taylor would be inducted into the Bicycling Hall of Fame in Yet, the type of shoes to wear can often be overlooked.

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Cycling shoes, especially those that work with a clipless pedal system can provide a more efficient experience, depending on the type of riding involved. Now, cycling shoes have come a long way, baby, since the old fashioned toe clip mechanism that looked like something out of a science fiction film.

In fact, the clipless pedal is obviously the most popular system for bicyclists, as the specially designed shoe has a fastened cleat that locks into the actual pedal to keep the foot firmly fastened. Surprisingly enough, clipless pedals have actually been around since the late 19th century. Charles Hanson first patented the system in , and there have been many variations since from other inventors, some of which involved suction cups, springs and even a magnetic system that is still used to some extent today.

Designed specifically for racing, they provide an easy way to lock your feet in and out, very similar to how ski boots work. As for the shoes, most cycling shoes that use the clipless pedal system have built in cleats that adjust to the pedal. Typical, everyday walking in these shoes is not recommended as they are specifically designed for riding. The pedal itself features a mechanism that will lock into a specially designed cleat that attaches to your shoe.

The cleat locks into the cleat and firmly secures your feet, giving you better overall control and stability of your bicycle. However, it is best to find shoes with stiff soles, which will help improve your pedaling. It should be noted that the clipless pedal system has branched out into mountain bikes, touring and track, among others, so there exists a wide assortment to choose from. Rain can be a big issue for bicyclists. Rain can be a tricky thing to ride through as you often have to confront things such as oncoming traffic, poor visibility, slick roads and getting wet.

You may not even plan to ride in the rain at first; a storm can creep up on you when you least expect it, so you can blame Mother Nature for getting caught in a downpour. The same goes for puddles. When we were kids we used to love riding through puddles and getting all soaking wet.