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French ships are capturing this treasury following the order of the French king Francis I Reinhard, vol.

The troops are conquering isolated territories enclaves and neighboring peoples in the north and in the south Reinhard, vol. Pizarro has "great" goals: Until these days he is involved in mining in Panama with Balboas , Davilas and Diego de Almagro. Only 18 Spaniards can escape. Juan Sebastian de Elcano, sailor with Magellan [92]. Robbery and trade of gold and silver world wide around , scheme by Michael Palomino, November [93].

Cacao beans were precious and were even that precious that they were given as a gift, e. The first white detectors stated that four cacao beans were worth one pumpkin, 10 cacao beans were worth one rabbit, and cacao beans were worth a slave. In Columbus brought cacao beans to Europe, but he did not realize their value nor the value of "xocolatl". The beverage with cacao, cinnamon, anise and corn flour had not a good taste for them. Ferdinand and Isabella called the beverage as a "strange brewery of a tribe". This beverage was considered as a luxury in Europe in the western European royal courts, but it must have had a dreadful taste.

Extending the trade it was detected that this tree is growing well also in western Africa, above all in Nigeria, Ghana , and in Ivory Coast. The local cacao plantations there were such a success that these regions are producing two thirds of the whole world wide harvest today yet. There is above all concerning the taste a big difference between cacao beans from western Africa ad from western India.

Beans from western India normally have a tender fruit's taste and are used for chocolates in forms of bars which are eaten as such. Beans from western Africa are used for producing chocolate which is used as a cover for other materials like bonbon chocs or for cakes. By these reasons the chocolate beans from western India are normally more expensive than the others. Cacao tree can grow up to a height of 48 feet. In plantations there is normally a cut with 20 feet so the pods and fruits can be harvested with long sticks without using a ladder. The pods are coming directly from the stem, or from the thick branches of the tree.

Cacao tree is blooming the whole year long and there are 10,s of pale rose pink odorless flowers. Only some of these flowers are developing the fruits and pods then which are 20cm long and up to 20cm thick having the form of a rugby ball. In his doctrines every food had it's firm place with effects on the mind. Additionally one has to know that the word "Chocolate" comes from chokola'j which means "drinking chocolate in a group commonly". Luther's "September Bible", Luther German, and protestant schooling In Wittenberg in Germany Luther is editing now an alternative "September Bible" and by new kind of writing and by the distribution of this work Luther is becoming the creator of the new high German written language.

Wittenberg and it's university become a center of the reformation, the "German Rome". In catholic German territories Luther's German should prevail only during the 18th century. Sie hatten eine entwickelte Mathematik- Schrift und Astronomie mit einem exakten Kalender. Sie wussten um die Standorte der Sonne und Gestirne.

Dies spiegelte sich in der Architektur wie z. Zudem waren sie [die Mayas] Meister des Feldbaus. They had a developed mathematic research - they had scripture and astronomy with an exact calendar. They knew about the places of sun and stars. This was even reflected in their architecture as for example with the well known pyramid of Kukulkan. Additionally they [the Maya natives] were master of agriculture. They were installing irrigation channels and terraces. It is estimated that in Central "America" before Columbus times good 60 million people were living here and this population was dense and they had to solve their nutrition problem with terraces.

In those times - when in Europe nine farmers had to nourish one non-farmer - the work of one farmer in Middle "America" was giving food for 20 people working in other sectors.

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Aus ganz Mexiko sind nur 14 Codices von vor der spanischen Besetzung erhalten geblieben. But they used "picture books", the so called "codices" with a naturalist picture technique. In those books with folded pages were depicted religious songs, ceremonial texts, chronologies and stories, rites and customs and above all the story of the natives of Meso "America". Most of these folded books were destroyed by the Spaniards. From whole Mexico only 14 codices have been saved from the Spanish occupation.

Most of them can be found in European [! Baumann, web06]. Dieses Wissen wurde dann in neuen Codicen festgehalten, wie z. Neben den Bildern kann man dort auch spanische Anmerkungen finden.

Zeichen Gefiederten Schlange by Ulrike Talbiersky

He was saving the folded books which were not destroyed by the Spanish vandalism. Sahagun had native assists who were collecting the informations about the content of the destroyed folded books. This wisdom was collected in new reports codices as for example in the Florentine Codex Codex Florentino. Next to the pictures one can find also Spanish remarks there. French-Italian alliance for an own "western way" - Huaxtecs remain undefeated - destruction of the Maya culture under Alvarado in Guatemala - first Spanish expedition in Peru is failing [using the country road] Florentine merchants from Lyon are interested in a direct silk trade with China.

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The French king Francis I is presented one of the sailors who should be able to "realize" this: Giovanni da Verazzano , an aristocrat from Tuscany. Giovanni da Verazzano [95]. In Mexico Mr. Data of Antje Baumann tell us: Mexico: The belligerent Huaxtecs who could not be defeated by the Aztecs completely can also defend themselves against any Spanish occupation successfully and therefore they can save their "culture".

Considering the findings, shells and weapons there is the conclusion that they had contact with tribes at the southern margin of the today's "U.

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Baumann, web08] Holocaust against the Maya natives In Guatemala there is another Spanish colonialism working under the leadership of Pedro de Alvarado The bases of the Maya culture are destroyed. The town of "Palenque" ["enclosure"]: The original Maya name of the town is not known. The name "Palenque" is given by the Spaniards with an allusion of a wooden fence which is around the houses of the natives.

Baumann, web11b] And now the big Spanish destruction is going on South "America": Panama and Peru In Pizarro is hearing rumors about a big and rich native empire in the south. Pizarro is organizing two friends forming an expedition for the occupation of the land.

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The soldier Diego de Almagro is providing the equipment, and the vice bishop of Panama is responsible for the financial matters. The first trial of Pizarro for an occupation of Peru is ending after two years [using the country road] in a disaster and plight. A soldier named Diego de Almagro provided the equipment, and the vicar of Panama, Hernando de Luque, furnished the funds.

A first expedition resulted in disaster after two years of suffering and hardship. Peru: In the same year there is a first Spanish "expedition trip" under Pizarro by ship World wide trade net of the Fugger family - Francis I is detained by Charles V - Spanish Moluccas journeys failing - Spanish expedition under Gomez to the coast lines of North "America" - breakdown of the last Aztec resistance and mass baptisms - Spanish subjugation of Guatemala - Incas under Huascar - Spanish "foundations of towns" in Panama - Christianization in Mexico under the Franciscan Olmos - beginning of systematic slave trade Europe: Anton Fugger is actively involved in world wide trade with merchant's licenses in Chile, Peru , and Moscow DTV history atlas, vol.

Anton Fugger, portrait [] portrait of a racist and patron of the arts during early "Christian" colonialism. Francis I is detained DTV history atlas, vol. Deads and injured are not cited in the reports. This is the "Christian" kind of rite The connection between Mexico right and the "Philippines" and the Moluccas Islands left below is the next goal of Spanish capitalist colonialism [].

Mexico: Collapse of the Aztec resistance. Baumann, web07] Mexico: "Christians" are going on with more mass baptisms. Peru, Inca: Beginning of the government of Huascar. Mexico: A short time after the occupation of the Huaztec territory the colonization process of "New Spain" is also going on here. Since there is a systematic slave trade installed between Africa and "America".

And there were also geographically no limits any ore because the coast lines between Africa and "America" were known now just very precisely and the coast lines were long enough so every European colonial power got a place for a military base there]. But the surrender is not going on as fast as awaited because the autonomous Maya states are organizing it's defense each and strongly against the intruders Reinhard, vol.

Yucatan Peninsula: Mayan Beach Garden [].