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Conversion, then, is the moment of the swing of identity back onto the road of God, the displacement of error by the reestablishment of the flame of truth within one's being. When truth comes unto us suddenly as it did unto Saul, who was a sinner and who had persecuted the Christians, it causes our sin to precipitate out upon the body. Hence, Saul was blinded by his own misqualification of God's energy; the presence of Jesus brought the light as well as the judgment of his misdeeds.

When Saul was raised up by Jesus and by that flame of truth, he became Paul, a great preacher of the Word and truly the one who established throughout the Holy Land and Asia Minor the foundation of Christianity. First he humbled me on that road to Damascus, the humbling that I sorely needed that I might bow to my own Christ flame, which he revealed to me as he also gave to me the key of meditation upon that flame that I might walk in his footsteps on the fifth ray of science and healing and the apostleship and the preaching of the Word.

Hilarion teaches his disciples how to use the flame of living truth to master oneself and one's daily life in a practical application of the law that Christ taught. As you know, the apostle was a fiery preacher of righteousness and he had the gift of the Spirit and the gift of conversion. He teaches us today of this process of conversion, which is so necessary because it is the return of the soul to God, the reentering of the path of initiation.

Hilarion says that in the moment of conversion there is the infiring of the name of God, your own new name. It is the solar pattern of your solar evolution. Contacting this, we then have the key to the release of the energy of the science of being. Resist not the call or the conversion or the coming of the master…. Do you wait for him to appear to you as in a vision, to flatter you with the presence of angels and trumpets and harps and an entire retinue of God-free beings?

You may wait long, you may wait hard. Convert me this day!

28. The Healing Master Hilarion

Let me be reborn in thee that I might go forth to work the works of my God! Conversion implies a will—a will forged and won within your heart, the very center of your identity. It is a will that magnetizes a member of the ascended hosts who will respond to the call of your heart for the teacher.

That one will then come and invest you with that magnet, that flame, that fiery coil, that momentum that is able to reverse the course of death and destruction. Jesus came to Saul to remind him of their inner association and of their long service together thousands and thousands of years before that particular moment. Saul had actually sought the Christ in previous incarnations but in that life he had disregarded the inner call of his soul for God.

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To a great extent, the denial of God by the agnostic is due to the soul's great disappointment in having been part of the various religions of the world and having been given false promises of heaven and salvation by the wolves in sheep's clothing. For when these souls have passed from the screen of life, they have not been ushered into the courts of heaven but have been greeted by angels of record and by Jesus and the Lords of Karma, who have explained to them that they have not met the full requirements of the Law and therefore must incarnate once again.

These souls have then become angry against their teachers and when they incarnate again they become agnostics because their disappointment in their teachers has caused them to become disillusioned with God. The ones I have known have been very devoted to a particular discipline, often the discipline of science. But they have not understood that science and religion are one. I have found that when agnostics understand the path of initiation they become the greatest devotees. And this is why Hilarion, master of the fifth ray of science, is so concerned with working with atheists and agnostics.

It is said that Kuthumi is a member of the Brotherhood of Golden Robe, those who take on the pain of the world. His ashram sits high above Kashmir in India and he also has an etheric retreat at Machu Picchu. In past incarnations it is said that he held the personalities of Pythagoras, bringing in sacred geometry and the music of the spheres; the wise man, Balthazar; Shah Jahan and St Francis of Assisi.

He works with Archangel Jophiel, and oversouls the vibrations, wisdom, illumination, foresight, consideration and friendliness.

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He works particularly with teachers, students, architects, ambassadors and artistic, creative people. Kuthumi always comes to seekers of knowledge when they call to him. Call to Kuthumi when you truly wish to walk the spiritual path and open to your love and wisdom. He will show you the process through his wisdom to living a life filled with an open heart. He will always assist you if you call and if you have chosen a path to assist others Kuthumi will walk beside you to assist you.

Lord Lanto is a master of the power of precipitation—the alchemical process of drawing forth cosmic light and substance from the universe and coalescing it into physical form, often by using the Science of the Spoken Word.

He is concerned with the guidance of your spiritual destiny, helping you to recognize God and achieve soul freedom, whatever your path and beliefs. He is dedicated to the evolution of this planet through Cosmic Christ illumination. The golden flame that he bears is charged with the momentum of God-victory for the youth of the world. Lanto wants all of us to recognize our Inner Light and believe in our own Divinity.

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When we are able to recognise that each one of us is an emanation of God, that we all are in truth never separated from Him and that we are all One, we will see that the path we choose to take Home is not relevant, but how we tread that path is. Lanto works especially with the crown chakra and will help us open to receive words of wisdom and knowledge and gain an inner knowing of when we hear truths. Gaining knowledge also helps us expand our boundaries and our perceptions and makes us receptive to new concepts, thoughts and ideas.

I bring to you the light of all that is to assuage your souls and spirit and to assist you to be that which you are. I am the Lord of Discipline and the Lord most high. I bring to you the frequencies of the God essence that which you are. Lift yourselves beloveds and be one with the light. This master comes to teach you about your power on the Earth. He comes to show you that the power of God realization is already within you and that it is only through your acceptance and embrace of self that you come into your true power.

For when you embrace all that you are then you meet the divine within and become aligned to the will of you Divine Presence. This gives you the power to be the master on the Earth. The Cosmic Priesthood or Order of Melchizedek is described in psalms and holds ancient esoteric teachings.

Call to Melchizedek when you need to feel empowered on the Earth and wish to manifest your highest potential. Do not let your head drop to the pavement and walk unattended beloved ones.

Hilarion Blazes the Light of Emerald Wholeness through Us

Be one with us and follow the Light for it is always your path home. Maitreya is head of the spiritual hierarchy and is thought to be an aspect of Jesus and Sananda. In Buddhism Maitreya is the future Buddha who will be reborn in a period of decline to renew the doctrine of Buddha.

It is said he is a bodhisattva, one who has refused entry to Nirvana through his desire to help others. His following first began in India around the 3rd century then spread to China, Korea and Japan. Scholars believe he was a monk named Sthiramati who showed compassion and kindness to others, although others call him Hotei, a T'ang Dynasty monk known for giving candy to children.

Hilarion the Healer: The Apostle Paul Reborn (Meet the Master) (Meet the Masters Series)

It has been prophesised that , years after Buddha left his physical body Maitreya will reappear on the Earth in human form. Call to Maitreya when you wish to hold enlightenment in your heart and mind. Let go your resistance to the Light of God, be that which you are and transcend the illusionary realms of where you sit. Look skyward and be with me in bliss and infinity. Transmute the darkness to be one with the light. It is time. Saint Germain was channelled by Madame Blavatsky in the late 19th century and was known as one of the "Tibetans" a group of three masters - Djwahl Khul and Kuthumi - that lived in Tibet and physically incarnated in the Himalayas.

It was said they could materialise anywhere before your eyes. Saint Germain also ruled over a kingdom about 50, years ago where the Sahara Desert now sits. It was filled with great peace, happiness and prosperity and most inhabitants retained full connection with the wisdom and power of God. Saint Germain is a master of the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the matter of spheres. He ruled by Light and was the embodiment of the archetype of universal Christhood.

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His is renown for his alchemy, elixirs of youth, inventions and gifts of love, light and life. It is said he e looked the same for years, spoke every language, travelled by thought, fed the poor, and worked for peace. He took his body into light ascended , and now works in service to humanity from the lighter realms. Saint Germain extolled and exemplified freedom of the mind and spirit and teaches us to espouse our inalienable divine right to live life according to our highest conception of God.

His past efforts in initiating the society of Freemasons inspired many of the key figures of the American Revolution.

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General Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin and as many as fifty-three out of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence were all members of the Masonic order, whose principles had guided them in founding the new nation.