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Oratorio involves the use of instrumental ensemble, choir and soloists. Forgot your password?

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From "The Messiah"

What is the genre of Handel's Messiah: "Hallelujah" Chorus? This question is part of Music Exam 2. Submit Answer. Want to learn new things and share my knowledge. Cardwmd Answered on Mar 08, Post Your Answer. Answer These Questions What is assonance? Who is currently the biggest pop star? What is sight reading?

Hallelujah! Masterworks Choir set to perform ‘Messiah’

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    "Hallelujah!" from "Messiah" | paladino editions

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    What is the saddest song of all time and why? Handel would also receive his own commission for composing the work, which in turn helped him on his path to reversing his own misfortune.

    see url The composition of Messiah , the complete page oratorio, began on August 22, , and was composed in just 24 days, when Handel finished the final orchestration on September 14, Handel composed Messiah without getting much sleep or even eating much food. When his assistants brought him his meals, they were often left uneaten.

    His servants would often find him in tears as he composed. At the time, Messiah was still somewhat unknown to London audiences, but the concert was so well received that Handel was invited back the next year, where he performed the entire Messiah oratorio. Performances of Messiah became an Eastertime tradition at the Foundling Hospital until the s.