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Six, portrayed by Danny Teeson, was created by Michigan-based agency Doner Advertising and introduced as an advertising campaign for Six Flags in early The energetic dance he performs in the commercial is thought to have been influenced by a variety of techno dance subgenres including the Melbourne Shuffle , Jumpstyle , and Techtonik.

In the video description, daggerrun challenged the viewers to respond with their own versions. YouTuber daggerrun's "Nerd Land" was well-received by the YouTube Poop community, spawning at least 70 remixes in direct response to "Nerd Land" and many more that were uploaded separately. In addition to its prominent usage in video remixing, Mr. Six's iconic performance has been also parodied in pop culture and web series, including the Saturday Night Live and Robot Chicken.

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View All Videos. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. While no shuffle is exactly the same—that would be a blasphemous insult to the daring originality of this most hallowed art form—several distinctive dance moves emerged under its umbrella. You can't do the shuffle without first mastering the Running Man.

Them's the facts. Heads might remember that this move sprung into the mainstream via Janet Jackson's music video " Rhythm Nation " thanks, Paula Abdul! This version is a minimalist, paired-down version of hip-hop's Running Man.

Where did he learn to shuffle like that?

Lift your right foot up just a tad, slide your left foot backwards to its toes, then plant your right foot back on the ground. Rinse and repeat.

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Keep your heels together, toes facing out, so that your feet get ino the shape of a T duh. Then, lift your right foot just a little by pulling that knee up. At the same time, point your left foot's toes inwards. Put your right foot back on the ground, while moving your left heel back in to form another T. You should have moved to the right a little.

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If you feel like an arthritic grandpa, congrats—you nailed it. Zombie mingling point Zombies have an hour before the walk sets off to admire each other's gruesome costumes and disgusting makeup.

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La Trobe Street The shuffle gains momentum Bourke Street Mall The crowd really gathers here, it's prime zombie shuffling territory. Flinders Street Station A great place for iconic zombie photos Natural Trail. Wheelchair Friendly.

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Drinking Water Available. Public toilets. Lake Daylesford circuit Daylesford. Dog-friendly walks. Coastal walks. Parks Victoria walks. How do I create a walk?

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Step 1 Zoom into the map to the start point of your walk. Click on the map. Your marker has been added! Add additional markers to build your walking route. Add information into the summary and description sections. This makes the walk attractive and informative for other walkers.