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Or is it to mask a sense of insecurity again? JameL: 1 Please see that your anger toward God is misguided. You are missing the typology which is so prevalent in the Old Testament. James all of us struggle with God to some degree. Jacob literally wrestled with the God-Man, Jesus Christ. Jesus allowed Jacob to struggle with Him until he realized he was fighting with God. At the end, we see that Jacob does come around when he asks his adversary for a blessing.

He finally acknowledges God. Our LORD gives him a reminder in the form of a handicapped hip. James, God is holy. A reality that us sin prone humans cannot comprehend.

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God is glorified just by who He is. Our loving Father in Heaven. Our holy, loving, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever present God who will not tolerate sin. Like Jacob, we all have the free will to glorify ourselves or glorify God. In the case of Lazarus, Jesus delayed in light of the Jewish superstition of that day that said a soul stays near the grave for three days, hoping to return to the body. Therefore, it was accepted that after four days there was absolutely no hope of resuscitation.

After Lazarus is resurrected, we see him again having supper with Jesus in John So apparently, there were no hard feelings about the delay. I suggest you do your homework before you take a stand against the Creator of the Heavens and the earth. Bradharte, 1 First of all, Jacob only had to come around when his hip was dislocated. Otherwise, he would have persevered. You remember if you did your homework in the Bible, it was said that the angel saw he cannot overpower him so he had to touch his hip. No matter how you look at it, your God simply cannot afford to lose. Lousy sportmanship.

It was already there if you believe in that sort. God already planned it out down to the dislocating part which was pretty dirty. Are you God? Lazarus was human last time I checked in the Bible and capable of human feelings. Where is your evidence that even though he is having supper, he only has happiness for Jesus? The Bible has been translated over and over and interpreted and edited countless of times.

I would in turn suggest you to do your homework to see how many times the Bible has been interpreted over centuries or better yet, find the original copy of the Bible and then I will tip my cap. How about this?

Can a scientist believe in the resurrection? Three hypotheses.

First of all, violation of Hippocratic Oath. Yet God does the same thing and you make excuses for him. Do your homework and then come back to me. And it is funny that you mentioned he is a God who will not tolerate sin. But he needs sin. Just like a hero needs a villain.

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Black needs white. Day needs night. Otherwise he could not show his glory of dying on the cross.

If there were no sin if Eve told the serpent to screw himself , you think God would have allowed it? He could have wiped out the earth but lets Noah still with sin survive? If there were no sin, how can Jesus die on the cross to show glory? In other words, solely for the other party but no thoughts about self. Otherwise why else would he need such a powerful display with quakes and resurrection and all?

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But does an all-powerful and all-knowing God needs that much glory? If he is so powerful, why does he even need to show off to that degree? Does he need to do it through expenses of others? No matter how powerful one is, behaviors and actions speak louder than words. He needs sin and he needs people to glorify him.

I challenge you to find a case where God does something in the Bible without showing off for glory. Hello James. You are seeing Him through the lens of biasedness and self righteous.

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  4. 2. Remember all the ways God has been faithful in the past.?

Let go, and let God answer you Himself. Listen to the sermons by Pastor Joseph Prince, for he is one of the best preachers that Jesus has chosen to reveal His heart, and to give understanding, freedom and wisdom to those who seek Him. Hope you will find the answers you seek and the Lord Himself. How can you talk to God this way??? Satan is taking through you!!! Only Satan talks the way you talk!!!!

Have mercy on you. JamesL has some very deep questions for God, along with a strong desire for justice. If he continues to seek understanding, and not just demand recompense, God will show up. JamesL, if you are out there, keep wrestling with God. Wanna talk? I have always believed in God, and been faithful no matter what, though I am not saint, I have sinned, but always have kept my faith in God… up to 15 months ago I had a decent job and had a great life, a nice house, a sport car and more than enough money in my life… Sadly all of sudden our company decided to down size … I lost my job, but I thought no problem I will find a job soon..

I prayed and prayed and applied for every job I could find did not get a job, still I was hopeful until I ran completely out of cash, bank took my car, and still I was hopeful, prayed and prayed…and god did not help… now I can not even afford to put food on the table… and bank is pushing to foreclose my house as well… I borrowed money to pay for the basics of my life… so I am struggling to understand how can I keep my faith while I have prayed passionately all the while, asking God to help me, and he not only did not help but made my life more and more difficult.

I am so sad and my heart is broken I do not know what else to do. Is God angry of me? Is God testing me? If God would not help me now, how can I have any hope to be saved?

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  • Every time I pray, I can not stop crying.. I worked really hard to build a good life for myself, I have cared about others and have done my best to help others when I could… I have always been faithful to God and loved my family friends and my neighbours even those people who did not like me, and I have treated people with respect. What hurts me the most is the fact that I know God is aware of what I am going through, I trust God promise and I know he is the only power in the whole universe, and still he has kept me in this desperate situation for way too long that is beyond my strenght.

    I am scared of losing my faith compeltely.

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    Hi Daniel, It breaks my heart to read your post. I have no idea why God allowed all of that to happen. This earth is not your forever home. One day, you will be in heaven for all eternity.