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When approaching the Grove one tradition is to circle the Center of the Grove three times in the sunwise direction. One common custom is to bend and kiss, or place a hand on, the earth to honor Her. This attunement helps us to connect our individual souls with the Two Powers. The Earth Current or Underworld Power carries the dark, mixed elements from which all forms arise. The Sky Current, or Starry Power is the ordering pattern that crystallizes forms out of the Underworld potential.

Together these powers manifest the Middle World in which we live. The Center is conceived as a meeting-place of the common world with the Otherworlds of the Spirits. In this phase of the ritual the Order of the Worlds is acknowledged - first the vertical axis of Under- Mid- and Starry Worlds. Opening the Gates: Meditation on the World Order is a valuable spiritual tool all by itself.

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The next part of the rite transforms the simple symbols of the Center into true Magical gates. We offer to the Gatekeeper and ask their help in the work. The symbols of the Sacred Center are then conjured to function as the Gates Between. Through these gates we send our love, worship and offerings to the powers and they, in turn, send blessing to us. Part 2: Offering to the Powers Preliminary Offerings: There are two preliminary offerings usually made at this point. This may be either an offering to a specific Deity or a general attunement to sources of inspiration in the Self.

Next we offer to the spirits commonly called the Outdwellers. We acknowledge their presence, asking them to leave our rites in peace.

We also acknowledge the parts of ourselves that might, likewise, interfere with proper worship. Three Kindred Offerings: In each of our rites we invoke and offer to the Spirits in three categories. We call these the Kindreds to reflect their family relationship with one another and with us. The Nature Spirits are those who ensoul soil and stone, water and wind, bird and beast.


The Druids Then and Now

The Dead are our ancestors, both those of actual blood or those of our heart and affection. For each of these we speak an invocation and make a proper offering. When these Triad Offerings are made the worshippers should meditate on and call to those Spirits that are closest to her. These are usually chosen either for their connection with the seasonal holiday being celebrated, for their ability in the area of the work being done or their special relationship with the mortal focus of the rite. The Patrons of the rite are first invoked with expressive prose or poetry, sometimes accompanied by a visualized image of the Deities.

Discussion focused largely on those beings classified as devas or plant spirits for the most part, with Jdth recounting quite a bit of her Findhorn experiences. I absolutely love the one I chose. It reminds me of the ferns that grace my grove in the deepest heat of summer. Inspired work, indeed! And of course there is infinite overlapping, mixing, and outright trampling of any and all of these classifications. That leader in essence became a local god.

This is where the lines get delightfully blurry—what is a fairy vs, a land spirit vs.

Meditation with the Ancestors, Descendants and Web of Life

The takeaway: the lines between various sorts of fae are not as cut and dried as the magickal encyclopedias would have you believe. Ok, making this just under the wire! I hope! If I can type fast…. While the quantity may have been less, the quality was much higher: less distraction, more creative insights. Sit down to meditate. Standard Posted by Catriona McDonald.

The Druids Then and Now

Posted on 23 December Posted under Druidry. In a world sorely lacking in meaningful ritual, it can feel like a balm to the soul to engage in actions that are not obviously utilitarian, that are designed to help us enter into a deeper sense of engagement with life — to give expression to our belief in a world of Spirit that infuses this physical world with energies that bring healing and inspiration.

Not a big fan of meditation myself, as to me, druidry is a path of action not magic, but engagement and meditation a habit of sitting around thinking how spiritual we are. To me, the main difference between druidry and other paths are mud, nettle stings, bramble scratches and mud. I appreciate your comments.

I find that contemplative practice works best for me when I am not still and when I am fully engaged in connecting with the world. A walk is the best way for me to enter in, almost like entering into the otherworld. While I enjoy Yoga as a meditative practice, and have also enjoyed seated meditation, I find the greatest peace from doing the OBOD rituals solo.

The draawing of the Circle itself is a walking meditation. We gather as equals… Blessings on your Path. Meditation and silent contemplation has always been a natural element of my pagan path. No one taught me that I should be doing it.. Quiet meditation to me is not an inactive thing. I can move mountains in myself and my surrounding through mindful meditation.

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Thank you. Helen, I would only like to suggest that meditation simply helps people find their course of action in a different manner. Too hot for too long, they sound weary, and some just stop singing.