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The NO. On Offer Killing Eve Two women find themselves tangled in a deadly web of obsession. Description For the young woman kidnapped on her way home from the pub, the nightmare is about to begin Worse they are not even certain harm has come to her. Add to Basket Sign in to add to wishlist. The Reaper. Deity will be published in hardback by Headline on 26 April , the paperback is released on 21 June. Set in the city of Derby and featuring the dark and brooding Detective Inspector Damen Brook, this is number three of a series, the follow-up to The Reaper and I have been absolutely gripped by Steven Dunne's third novel Diety for the past two days and even though I have not read the first two novels in this series featuring D I Damen Brook I was hooked from the opening paragraphs.

Set in the city of Derby and featuring the dark and brooding Detective Inspector Damen Brook, this is number three of a series, the follow-up to The Reaper and The Disciple. I'm really picky about crime novels, I want a clever plot with characters that are three-dimensional, realistic and intelligent, I want a plot that grips, that makes me lose track of time and that I don't work out for myself before the end.

Deity delivers all of those things, and more, much much more. This is one of the cleverest, slickest and at times, terrifying stories that I've read for a long long time - a sick, twisted psychopathic serial killer matched by an intelligent, if somewhat flawed Detective. Damon Brook has a history which is referred to during the story, not having read the first two books in the series in no way spoils this one, the reader learns enough about Brook's past to understand his psyche, and to warm to him, and to forgive his straightforward, almost rude mannerisms.

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Brook is investigating two cases which on the face of it appear quite separate - a couple of murdered 'tramps' who are missing some vital organs and the disappearance of four local college students. As Brooks and his team delve deeper into each case, it becomes clear that they are linked, it also becomes clear that there is a dangerous, warped and extremely clever person behind the horrific crimes. With clever twists along the way, a couple of red herrings thrown in for good measure, some seriously scary detail and a cast of characters who jump from the page, this book ticks every ingredient for a perfect read.

My mission now is to get out and buy copies of the first two in the series. View 2 comments. I finally finished Deity this morning and once again i was immersed in the storyline. I love Damen Brook's character and he has a great relationship with John Noble. I found the 2 cases being interlinked clever and easy to follow. If you haven't done already i recommend you read The Reaper and The Disciple first. Feb 18, Richard rated it really liked it Shelves: own. One thing about a Steven Dunne novel is it is multi-layered, familiar I live close to Derby but complex.

His plots are clever, clear and chilling. However, he appears to have more ideas than one book can hold, consequently, he always crashes through the buffers where other authors would pull gently into the railway station. Deity has 2 terrific villains; a whole separate novel could focus on "The Embalmer" but Dunne cleverly weaves the whole thing together into a modern police procedural t One thing about a Steven Dunne novel is it is multi-layered, familiar I live close to Derby but complex.

Deity has 2 terrific villains; a whole separate novel could focus on "The Embalmer" but Dunne cleverly weaves the whole thing together into a modern police procedural thriller. Bumping off homeless guys, gives Dunne an opportunity to speak about an underclass, people no-one would miss and forgotten even before death finally eases their pain. Contrast this with a group of missing students, inspired by media idols and internet fame.

Death seems a natural progression for the vulnerable within both groups but when someone appears to be manipulating it to the point of encouraging self harm and suicide the police under Brook have an investigation far more demanding than a missing persons case. The thing I love about these novels is the richness of the text; demonstrating clear planning and competant research while engaging the reader fully. You are left with an incredible story you need to read to the end as quickly as possible. However the novel is so entertainingly set up that it draws you in and leaves you enthralled with characters you like to be around, victims you care about perpretrators who are a match for our bright inelligent detective.

Brook is a loner, a flawed person. An inadequate father and a driven copper who seeks justice but loves the hunt above all else, pitching his wits against the most evil of serial killers. Recent history demonstrates that he doesn't always get his man, or that his methods are not error strewn.

This has dogged his career and prevents him finding peace. However, it is the trait of the author perhaps to torture his main protagonist; he will not let him rest or shuffle off into gentle retirement.

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No Dunne fires up Damen's demons and again this book toys with the idea that there is no closure, that no story can finish or if it did, the author would cease his creative process. For the reader this leaves the need to find out more and await the next book in the life of DI Brook and happily having left reading this one I have the next installment already to go View all 7 comments.

Steven Dunne Has Done it again! He has high command of the English language, manages to tie all threads of the story together by the end of the book. Although it is a series again, it can be a stand alone. This time there is no reaper, it has moved on to a double sided case, both cases working together at the same time. Steven has a fantastic insight into what is current, with a very complex storyline your interest is held and again you are unsure where the story is going to take you.

One Steven Dunne Has Done it again! One of my favourite authors. Jun 29, Helen TBC rated it it was amazing.

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A totally engrossing, gripping and unsettling read!! This is the third DI Damen Brook book and the third 5 star read from me -- what a fabulous series. Once again the plot is really clever, the characters are realistic and intelligent and the writing is as always outstanding and in places graphic. I loved the development of Brook's friendship with Noble and also liked that we were shown more of his relationship with his daughter. I'm already waiting impatiently for th A totally engrossing, gripping and unsettling read!! I'm already waiting impatiently for the next one in the series Dec 10, Raven rated it liked it.

Focusing on the mysterious disappearance of four students and the discovery of seemingly unrelated bodies showing signs of Egyptian death rituals, Brook and his team find themselves immersed in two utterly mystifying cases that will test them, and Brook in particular, to their limit. With more than one or two red herrings and blind alleys along the way, Dunne has carefully crafted a clever hybrid of two crime sub-genres that will appeal to fans of the straightforward police procedural in the style of Peter Robinson or John Harvey and the darker psychological and visceral edge of Mo Hayder.

I think the main strength of this book throughout is the character of Brook himself, who has some personal issues of his own that colour and confuse his relationship with his colleagues and his estranged daughter Terri.

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Terri has suffered enormous personal tragedy and as she builds bridges with her father, Dunne captures their changing relationship beautifully. Brook has a cynical, yet determined, mindset and does not suffer fools gladly, and in the slowly revealed back story has more than enough reason to conduct himself in the way he does having been involved in a notorious and unresolved serial killer case at serious personal cost. He displays the traits of a typical grumpy old man slightly at sea in the face of modern culture and technology, and who abhors the use of incorrect English and swearing, which again levitates the seriousness of the central plot with some nice comic touches.

I think the strength of characterisation of Brook does carry the book, as I did find the plot a little langorous for my taste, and by the page mark was feeling that it was slightly unnecessarily drawn out, although the conclusion was satisfying enough and left an interesting little teaser for the next in the series. Overall a stronger police procedural than serial killer thriller, I would say, and an enjoyable read.

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All in all a good discovery, and another strong addition to the British crime stable. View 1 comment. May 24, Tracy Fenton rated it really liked it. A complex character with deep emotional baggage battling his own personal demons and also some rather sick and twisted killers.

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Each time I read one of Steven Dunnes books I kick myself for not reading it sooner. Each book gets better and if you haven't read any of these books yet - start The Reaper today! Sep 15, Maria Series rated it really liked it. What a brilliant book! I found it very hard to put down and loved it so much I would love to read more books similar to this one!

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Nov 20, Sarah rated it liked it. I bought this book from a charity shop and I had no idea there ever was a series! This was your basic, generic, crime thriller novel. All the standard cliches were there; your brilliant but damaged detective with no life to speak of and enough issues to make up a magazine subscription. As good as the very best of the genre The twists the turns, the frustrations of Daimen.

The psychologically charged back stories. The human spirit and the human weaknesses. There is enough depth in these books for several different authors, yet it all hangs together with a fluidity and intensity which keeps you turning to the next page and the next. Steven Dunne should be the leading crime author of his time. Only the name is holding him back in my humble opinion. Really good story, kept me involved the whole way through.

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Plenty of surprises, letting you think you've sussed it then twisting it again. Good read on its own, though I wish I'd read the earlier books first as there were quite a few references to past events. Oct 17, Rachel rated it really liked it. Another really good read in this series. Mar 03, Sue Bowers rated it it was amazing. A very good crime story with twists and turns. There are two seemingly unconnected cases which attract DI Brook's attention: Case One is the case of a body which is found but which is missing most of it's internal organs and Case Two is the disappearance of 4 students who appear to want to kill themselves according to their video postings on the internet.

Brook has to put the pieces of a jigsaw together to establish if the cases are connected. He has to establish the who, where, what, how, why and when of both cases.