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In an interview with Reuters on Saturday, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said that having already opposed the EU's efforts to introduce mandatory quotas for migrants, the Visegrad Group V4 of Central European countries would extend its common interest in protecting citizens' rights to work in the United Kingdom. Final text as agreed with the European Parliament. Involves all EU maritime roles in cooperating with Frontex and other agencies for the purpose of gathering intelligence, border control and search and rescue:.

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We have saved , migrants and turned back boats. It is illegal to turn back migrant boats once they reach international waters Two crime areas - trafficking in human beings THB and facilitated illegal migration - were targeted with actions carried out in dozens of key geographical hotspots airports, border crossing points, etc. Law enforcement authorities, immigration services and labour services from 21 countries joined forces for this operation. This was the first time that labour inspectors across the EU cooperated so closely with law enforcement authorities in a coordinated way to identify, safeguard and protect victims of labour exploitation.

Historically, the British have been particularly sensitive about this issue. They all have different scope and consequences that are analysed in detail. In the everyday actions on the island cruelty and care were also intertwined. Coastal rescue, the registration centre, food provision and the registering of volunteers provided different sites and practices through which these tensions could be understood When the boats got close enough, volunteers would wade into the water and help people ashore.

The volunteers worked to ensure that those lives, which they valued, could be saved. Council of Europe: Human Rights Commissioner: Greece urged to protect the human rights of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities and de-institutionalise them link :. However, he is gravely concerned by the instances of deaths and of physical restraint of patients in certain institutions.

In recent years, the European Council has repeatedly called for further progress in all of these areas. The study concludes that, despite recent progress in reviewing crisis management procedures, operational planning remains cumbersome and slow But there, "every Syrian dies once. Here we die every day. Every day is bad. For the past six months, home is a bleak tent on the Aegean island of Chios, pitched in a dusty medieval castle moat, where they wait without work or money for a verdict on their asylum claims.

EU: Copyright reform: Commission proposes "link tax". The first Soldiers of Odin group was set up in Finland during the European migrant crisis last year, and several other groups have sprouted across Europe since. Instead, he is exiled in Moscow, and faces decades in prison under World War One-era charges that treat him like a spy. Ed stood up for us, and it's time for us to stand up for him. Urge President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden, and let him come home with dignity. UK: Major problems with government's approach to data security.

The spending watchdog found that "too many bodies" within government have "overlapping responsibilities" for information security matters and that insufficiently clear information is collected by the government on the way it performs in protecting data or the costs involved The way in which personal data breaches are reported by government departments was also described by the NAO as "chaotic".

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It said different departments operate different reporting mechanisms which render comparisons between the organisations as "meaningless". See: UK government urged to adopt 'new approach' to data security Out-Law. EU: Commission: new proposals on data collection and data exchange for "security and mobility". A new communication published by the European Commission continues to beat the drum for "stronger borders" and new and improved information systems and databases as ways to counter terrorism and irregular migration.

Part-summary of existing initiatives, the document also sets out new plans including the announcement of a forthcoming proposal on a European Travel Information and Authorisation System ETIAS , a "possible legislative initiative" on identity documents and residence cards, and greater powers and resources for Europol's European Counter-Terrorism Centre ECTC.

Significant efforts are already going into "enhancing information exchnange and information management" for security, justice and home affairs purposes. See: European Commission, ' Enhancing security in a world of mobility: improved information exchange in the fight against terrorism and stronger external borders ', COM final, 14 September pdf. France to open first 'de-radicalization' center for potentially violent extremists Vice News, link :.

It's being marketed as a place specifically for people who may be on the verge of carrying out extremist violence, and those who have tried and failed to travel abroad to join terrorist groups.

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By the end of September, the Pontourny center will welcome up to 25 young people from ages 18 to 30 who espouse radical ideology in a converted government building in Beaumont-en-Veron, a small town of about 2, people located miles southwest of Paris. It's unclear how they will ensure attendance. People are supposed to voluntarily check in to the center, and may return home on the weekends if they choose.

The institution will be named the "Centre for Prevention, Integration and Citizenship":. Their day will start with the raising of the French flag at am. In some cases, their home states provided information that led to arrests, or failed to prevent or protest their illegal detention and torture once they became aware of it. European states have proved no exception, making them complicit in the torture of their own citizens.

With the exception of Russian Ravil Mingazov, who was cleared for release in July , all other European citizens were repatriated by European residents have also been returned to their countries of residence or origin. As with prisoners released elsewhere however, legal problems and harassment have followed them. This is not to discount the possibility that former prisoners could engage in such [illegal] activity.

It creates an assumption of guilt that needs no proof, adds an international dimension to domestic crime and lowers the bar on what counts as admissible proof. And: Crime and Punishment? Statewatch News UK: New revelations show just how nervous the police are about the undercover policing inquiry The Canary, link :.

See: Letter pdf :. I would also like to strongly reiterate that the practice of summary expulsions must be stopped. UK's next EU commissioner 'highly motivated ' euobserver, link :. In a letter sent to the European parliament ahead of a grilling from MEPs on Monday 12 September , King said his big priorities for the security portfolio would be "to strengthen our defences against terrorism and organised crime, and to build our resilience".

EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker created and gave the new security portfolio to King in early August in a move that surprised some given the UK opt-out on EU justice and home affairs laws. Parliament and the Government should, at this early stage, take the opportunity to establish their respective roles and how they will work together during the negotiation process.

CoE: Parliamentary Assembly: 'Prevention must lie at the heart of the fight against female genital mutilation' link :. The draft text, to be put to the vote at the forthcoming PACE plenary meeting in Strasbourg October , calls for female genital mutilation to be recognised as violence against women and children, extraterritorial jurisdiction for domestic courts so that criminal prosecutions can be initiated when mutilation has been committed abroad, and public awareness-raising and information campaigns to combat this phenomenon. A translation of a letter written by Syrian and Iraqi refugees living in the Ritsona camp near Chalkida in Greece, around one hour north of Athens.

They will continue a political reflection to give impetus to further reforms and to the development of the EU with 27 member countries According to the President of the European Council, these priorities should be:.

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  2. School, Debt, Bohemia: on the Disciplining of Artists | THE ARTIST AS DEBTOR.
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  5. School, Debt, Bohemia: on the Disciplining of Artists | THE ARTIST AS DEBTOR.

On 8 September, 13 migrants were returned from Lesvos to Turkey without being given the opportunity to access legal assistance. UK: Help reunite refugee families, faith leaders urge May BBC News, link : " More than religious leaders have urged the UK to relax immigration rules so refugees from Syria and other areas can be reunited with their families. In a letter to the prime minister, they say close relatives of Britons and refugees already in the country are living abroad in "desperate conditions" and should be given a legal route in.

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People are now making "unsafe" journeys with "avoidable tragedies", they say. Ministers say the UK has been at the head of the response to the crisis. EU: Council, Europol and "expert group" press on with plans to boost "information exchange and information management". In May this year the Council of the EU drew up an extensive "roadmap to enhance information exchange and information management" in relation to justice and home affairs policies - principally policing, migration and counter-terrorism.

  1. Building a Nation of Innovators.
  2. Standing Committee on International Trade.
  3. Unternehmen Zahnarztpraxis - die Bausteine des Erfolgs: Teamführung, Betriebswirtschaft, Marketing, Zeitmanagement, Zukunftstrends (Erfolgskonzepte Zahnarztpraxis & Management) (German Edition).

A recent leaked document provides a summary of progress on a number of those actions, including detailed information on how security checks in the "hotspots" in Italy and Greece function. Whereas most other schools are focused on assimilating migrant children, one Danish school in the city of Aarhus has decided to separate them. The idea has drawn criticism from human rights advocates who question the legality of segregating children based on their ethnicity.

Liverpool Echo, link :. Some of what the report revealed had been known in Merseyside since the tragedy on April 15, , but for the first time families heard that many of the 96 victims could have been saved if there was earlier treatment and the scale of the cover up was exposed to the nation.

In the four years since the panel report was released, two investigations into the disaster were set up and new inquests found the 96 were unlawfully killed and the fans were not to blame. We look at some of the most shocking revelations from the HIP report and what has happened since. Much to our surprise, the amount of redaction was minimal. As set out below, we believe the reason for being restricted is that it has a number of points which cause the Metropolitan Police embarrassment.

Mark Allen, the head of counter-terrorism at the agency at the time of the so-called rendition operations, had set out his role in a letter to the Gaddafi government that came to light during the Libyan revolution.


The UK had in the past opposed steps toward the creation of an EU army or duplication of Nato structures. These ideas were put forward immediately after the 'Brexit' vote in a paper by the German and French foreign ministers: A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties pdf. See: Report: Admissibility, responsibility and safety in European asylum procedures pdf. Its external powers are broad, encompassing not only traditional foreign policy, but also development cooperation and number of sectorial policies such as trade, transport and environment.

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The report provides an analysis of the changes in the constitutional and institutional framework brought about by the Lisbon Treaty and assess the implementation of those changes including obstacles to further improvement of its implementation. Its annex II gives an overview of the Working Parties and the objectives that are planned to be carried out under the SK Presidency in the second half of The present implementation paper contains also an important new annex I which provides an overview of the most relevant counter-terrorism actions that have been agreed by the Council, either politically or legally.

In this way, the implementation paper incorporates the so-called master document on counter-terrorism, on the development of which COSI agreed on 18 April The Annex contains the objective of: "Implementation of the security aspects of the hotspots" and:.

Also: "Objective: debate ways of further improving cooperation between the agencies, in particular Europol and Eurojust and assess remaining obstacles for Europol and Frontex, inter alia as regards direct access to SIS II. And: "The Presidency will continue the activity of the informal policy group on data retention within the EU. For background see: EU: Internal security: "common risk indicators", internet monitoring, a European police register, entry bans and more Statewatch database. Guidelines for the hearing are to be adopted by the Conference of Presidents on the basis of a proposal from the Conference of committee Chairs.

The hearing will take place on Monday 12 September in Strasbourg from The meeting will be webstreamed. A Task Force composed by experts from the Commission services and supervised by the Director-General for Home Affairs will support you. Targeted Killing The Intercept, link :. Yet the British government has steadfastly refused to comment, citing a longstanding policy not to discuss matters related to national security. The disclosures about Menwith Hill raise new questions about the extent of British complicity in U.

Successive U. British citizens may soon have to pay to visit the continent. In the commission published a report, written by political scientists Michel Crozier, Samuel P. Powell detailed at some length the attractions of these faculty members, whom he felt to be highly dangerous. His recommendation was to set up alternative systems of scholars and speakers i.

The assaults on education, particularly higher education, suggested by my brief examples, served as powerful policy and propaganda aids in further undermining the precarious situation of students, providing ammunition to those who in the s and 80s determined to reduce the government Pell grants grants to low-income students and other taxpayer-funded scholarships, helping state legislators also cut funding for poor students, as well as for state colleges and universities, attacking faculty tenure and their working hours and conditions, supporting the rise of ferociously underpaid and similarly precarious adjunct labor, messing with curricula, and of course, as Powell proposed, trying to salt social science faculties with their ideological allies and funding their research—and even trying to cancel the humanities.

The romantic narrative in which artists of all stripes disassociate from their classes of origin, whether working class, middle class, or aristocratic, and join together with others of their ilk, in theater and the performing arts, musicians, painters, poets, and so forth —that is, the narrative of bohemian life, is functionally dead but lives on as myth.