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by Jeremy Black

Specifications Edition: 3 Edition. Description Treason, plague, two world wars - and that's just for starters. Discover the fascinating history of Britain British history is a rollercoaster ride of lively stories, relentless power-grabbing, and colourful characters - and it's all in this book!

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Report incorrect product info. In fact, the King of Leinster, an Irish kingdom, had invited the English in to help him get power, but the English decided to stay and take power themselves. Chapter 8 provides more information on how the English became involved with Ireland. The English could never control all of Ireland, but as long as they thought they should, there would never be peace.

The English had already conquered the Welsh, and there was every reason to think Scotland was going to go the same way.

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  • Bannockburn saved the Scots and shattered the idea that the English were somehow invincible. If England had won, Scotland would have become an English province, just as Wales had Chapter 9 explains this in more detail , and the idea that it had once been a separate kingdom would have become a memory. The fact that Scotland retained its separate identity and history owes a lot to what happened at Bannockburn.

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    The Reformation crossed national boundaries - Scottish Protestants felt they had much more in common with English Protestants than with Scottish Catholics - but the English came to associate being Protestant with being English. Their Protestantism was one more thing that separated the English from the Irish, and it became one of the most important differences between them and the French or Spanish. Anyone can have a rebellion, but defying the king to his face is something else. The British may tolerate a monarch, may even go all gooey-eyed about a monarch, but after , monarchs were there because the people said so and for no other reason.

    Not any more. On the face of it, the Reform Act was all about rotten boroughs and different types of franchise, but the Act was more important than the inequities it addressed.

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    The difference was that the British had mastered the art of reform, knowing when and how to change within the system. In the end, it meant that the British, without a bloody and violent revolution, could develop a democratic system that would survive through the twentieth century and beyond.

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    Thank the Reform Act. The British Empire was always based on bluff, and in Singapore, the bluff got called.

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    • Everyone thought Singapore was impregnable, the symbol of British power throughout the East. All those proud British officers and men had to surrender to an Asian army.

      The British seaborne empire

      All that sense of racial and military superiority the British Empire stood for collapsed. The British were no more special than anyone else, and the whole world knew it.

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      The British Empire was doomed. You can find out more about the beginning and end of the British Empire in Chapters 19 and End of the Ice Age, c.